Sunbeds For Home Hire

Single Canopy

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Double Canopy

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Available models:

- 9 tube Elite Single

  • Low-cost option that still produces a great tan

  • Folds away for easy vertical storage

  • Can be used to tan on your own bed

  • Height adjustable stand 

  • 4 tube facial tanning boost

  • Full acrylic safety screen

  • Easy to move around the room

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Available models:

- 18 tube Elite Double

- 18 tube Pine Double

  • Curved to promote all-over tan

  • Full-body exposure saves on tanning time

  • Power-assisted lift and lower canopy

  • Full acrylic safety screens

  • 4 tube facial tanning boost


Available models:

- 20 tube VT Standing

- 24 tube VX Standing

- 26 tube Caribbean Standing

  • Rapid tanning and full body coverage

  • Compact design takes up only 1 square metre of space 

  • Self-controlled body breeze system

  • Fully hinged door all-round coverage 

  • All-round tube guard protection


All of our beds come with a number of shared features:

- curved design to produce an efficient all over tan

- built-in safety timers for safe and accurate exposure control

- automatic switch-off on timer completion

- built-in fans for machine cooling