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About Home Tanners

Home Tanners has supplied sunbeds for home hire since 1996 and we have built up a high standard of service over our 25 years of trading. We are based in Worthing and deliver to the surrounding local area.  


Home Tanners will offer you both convenience and comfort for a great tanning experience. You can achieve beautifully tanned skin in the comfort of your own home, enjoying unlimited access that you can extend to friends and family.  

Whether you are preparing for a special event or looking to get that holiday glow from home, we can provide a variety of sunbed models to achieve a healthy, natural-looking tan. 

Feel free to take a look at our sunbed models, or else browse our FAQ section to get answers to some common questions. 

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Home Tanners Through The Years







Home Tanners has been through several changes through the years. 2020 sees us launch a new site that better represents our industry time and expertise. 

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